Autrol Smart Transmitter Series

201309M_Autrol Smart Transmitter Series®, a registered brand name that is manufactured by Duon System has been revolutionizing the global industries and harmonizing with all sorts of field instruments.

The firm has own technologies and now it is an obvious pride of Korea’s instrumental
industry in the world.

Since the Duon System was founded in 1989, it has performed more
than 70 projects all over the world providing the reliable quality and improved technology of Autrol series.

Autrol Smart Transmitter series for Differential, Gauge, Temperature, Level products have been installed in all kinds of plants such as Thermal, Paper, Water treatment, Food & Beverage, Energy, Alternative Fuel, Gas, Oil, Nuclear and other industries that need to measure pressure with high accuracy and run various Type Approval Tests.

It is manufactured in accordance with its own Quality system on the basis of ANSI/ ASME NQA-1, ISO9001:2000/KS9001:2001 and QA/Qc activities have been monitored and maintained by its Quality Assurance Department.

The Autrol Smart Transmitter series’ special features are: Microprocessor-based high performance;Using state-of-art technologies to perform maximum accuracy and minimized drift over the wide range of operating conditions; 2-wires digital communication with 4 to 20 mA current loop; Remote communication (HART Protocol); high accuracy(+/- 0.075% or 0.04%) and rangeability; Long term stability; Automatic temperature compensation; Performance corresponding to change of ambient temperature;and self-diagnostic function. And also it is applicable 5 to 100%RH, Nuclear, Hazardous Marine and Offshore area. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Coal Cargo-offloading Vertical Screw

201309M_Coal Cargo-offloading Vertical Screw Coating, now a prominent company in the areas of industrial coating treatment in Korea, has been consistently diversifying its industrial coating treatment portfolios into such areas as abrasion resistant coating, internal coating, insulation coating, and vertical screws for coal cargo-handling machines.

Of them, the offloading screw is used during when the offloading is underway.

The applied high strength steel pipe and abrasion resistant coating in the body and wings of the screw ensure improved durability.

Now, the majority of its coal cargo-offloading vertical screws are being delivered to some developing nations in Southeast Asia. This technology is also certified by ISO 9001, 14001, etc.

Furthermore, Hankook Coatings holds various areas of coating treatment technologies: functional coatings in various areas of industries; a technology of sliding-preventing in dangerous facilities; technologies of heat-resistance and insulation in high temperature parts; a technology of break control in rotational parts; and a technology enabling low level friction in operating parts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

High Temperature and Abrasion Resistant Material

201309M_High Temperature and Abrasion Resistant Material a specialty company of parts and materials, Hankook Coatings has been specialized in developing and producing the customized parts and materials related to generating facilities.

Recently Hankook Coatings developed coating material that prevents the progress of abrasion and corrosion in boiler water pipes.

It now specializes in manufacturing and even repairing all kinds of parts of generating facilities.

Now the flagship high-temperature and abrasion-resistant material G.1-AW is certified by the central government as one of Korea’s highly competitive NEPs(New Excellent Products).

It has several international recognitions of ISO9001, ISO14001, etc. This highly competitive coating material is now being briskly adopted as coating material of boiler tube in the thermoelectric power plant.The material is coated in the tube in high temperature and high pressure and so it protects tube.

Notably the added boride in the non-crystallization of alloy allows realization of very high hardness. Now, this material is used as representative boiler tube material in the leading five generating companies in Korea. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Pneumatic Helical Trim Control Valve

201309M_Pneumatic Helical Trim Control Valve in 2003, SDD is a field-oriented technology service provider performing the full necessary courses of design, manufacture, installation and safety evaluation for
power facilities based upon its own professional experience and technology accumulated
over the past years in the field of the nuclear industry.

SDD’s current flagship products and services are mainly comprised of Design & Manufacture of Control Valves, Design & Manufacture of Test Facilities, and Engineering Services for Nuclear Power Plants and Facilities.

The company’s flagship control valve is equipped with state-of-the-art Helical Trim® for optimal control of high differential pressure services. While realizing optimization of structural design of valve trims and actuators, this control valve shows improved life performance of control valve for severe services.

Designed using its independent technology, all of its flagship valves significantly help the operators enjoy price competitiveness through the reduction of manufacturing costs.

SDD is contributing to green growth of the global community realizing continuous cost and energy reduction and localization in many overseas areas of control valves.

SDD plans to continue striving to design and manufacture the world’s best control valve through its continuous technology development. The U.S.A, Canada, China, and India are current flagship overseas markets for its state-of-theart valves. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Underground-laid Fire Hydrant

201309M_Underground-laid Fire Hydrant in 1996, Chungwon has been specialized in developing and releasing a special purpose of fire hydrant aimed to prevent safety-related accidents that could harm ordinary citizens.

Placed underground, the world’s first underground-laid fire hydrant can effectively perform its originally planned performance without causing any safety-related accidents that could endanger pedestrians.

Such advantage in location helps efficient ensuring of space in relevant sites thus eventually contributing to improving the surrounding environment. It uses stainless steel
(STS304) and thus there is no possibility of oxidation and corrosion.

Employing a relief valve, if necessary, it completely drains out the water(for extinguishing fires) within the fire hydrant so that the possible occurrence of water pollution and soil pollution is considerably decreased.

The operator can enjoy convenience in maintenance as it is not exposed to theft or breakdown. It has no limitation in installation position with easy installation.

The stainless is applied in its manufacturing process thus offering a semipermanent lifespan, compared to other existing similar ones. As the operations of assembly and disassembly are easy, the operators can thus easily exchange the parts conveniently. Potential export destinations for this year include Japan, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Slide & Sink System

201309M_SIDIZ, INC’s highly competitive latest slide&sink system “T55” is the world’s first developed product through its own chair institute.

This double-layer structure slide&sink system is now called an “innovative product” as it enables free sliding of the back part of a chair depending on various movements of users after the users are seated.

Such available smooth movement minimizes the potential problem of friction between users’ back and the back part of a chair and even realizes three-dimensional movement between body and chair by supporting all sides of the back plate of a chair.

In addition to these available benefits, various controls enabling varied, convenient, and simple design with high performance is also possible.

This T55series acquired recognition of NEP(New Excellent Product) as exceptional slide tilting system. And its best performance was also again certified through receiving a first level award that recognizes highest level ergonomic design in function.

All of these mean this product has high benefits as not only of technical &functional aspects, but also of basically design. The receiving of Ergonomics Design Awards(2009) is the first case among local chair companies proving it is designed with best ergonomic features in Korea. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Disinfection System

201309M_Disinfection System in May 2000, TECHCROSS has grown into a leading company in the field of BWMS through continuous research and development.

TECHCROSS originally treated land based water using electrolysis, before BWMS standard is established by IMO MEPC in 2004.

After that, TECHCROSS’ ECS (Electro-Cleen System) obtained the world’s first Basic Approval from the IMO in 2006. TECHCROSS started to sell its products after it gained Final Approval from IMO in 2008. At that time, there were a few competitors, which helped TECHCROSS to hold a dominant position in the BWMS market.

This is a kind of miracle to be a leader company from small venture business in Korea growing with rapid speed. TECHCROSS’s ECS is the most effective disinfection system using electrolysis.

ECS treats all the incoming ballast water by in-situ production of hypochlorite with combined effects of electric shock and hydroxyl radical in the chamber unit.

More specifically, when sea water passes the ECU (Electro-Chamber Unit), maximum 10ppm of hypochlorite is produced in this ECU. At the same time, two more effects occur to increase disinfection efficacy. One is radical which is energy existing just for nano seconds.

Radical attacks cell membrane and increases the disinfection efficacy. The other is ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). It also attacks cell membrane of microorganisms with potential difference.

These two effects make holes or bubbles on the surface, so hypochlorite can penetrate inside more easily and perform its disinfection more efficiently. Hypochlorite in the water maintains disinfection efficacy in ballast tank prohibiting regrowth of microorganisms. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

3-layer Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipes

201309M_Wistco produces a variety of coated steel pipes in accordance with CAN, AS, DIN, JIS, AWWA and other international standards.The company’s three layer polyethylene coating features low maintenance cost for long-term with superior corrosion protection.

Wistco’s 3 LPE Coating Plant is a production line designed and applied to manufacture anticorrosive coating to the steel pipes which are used for transporting oil, gas, water, etc.

Featuring an excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, effective coating structure, high resistance to moisture, wide range of service temperatures, and excellent impact resistance, the company’s flagship 3-layer polyethylene coated steel pipe is used for corrosion-resistant underground pipelines for the transport of gas, oil, water, etc., and corrosion-resistant shore and onshore pipelines for the construction sites.

Established in 1974, for nearly 40 years, the company only focused on manufacturing coated steel pipes for underground and diverse industrial steel pipes based upon the technology accumulated during the period. Besides, it has done its best to completely control the quality of its flagship product through fully utilizing its cutting edge facility and variety of test equipment. Most of its 3-layer polyethylene coating pipes are now being delivered to South America, Australia, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Composite Resin Material Sleeve Bearing

201309M_I-PASS Corp is a leading maker in the nation producing oilless bearings and hydraulic seals & packing parts. The ISO 9002-certified company’s products are assured of their quality conforming to international quality standards. I-Pass’s sleeve bearing comprised of PET textile composite materials is in design intended for the pump operation of seawater and waste water.

All of its exceptional features including superior heat resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance are strong points for the buyers who are appreciating the real value the product can provide.

What’s more, its overall improved quality and price competitiveness compared to those of its competitors is also noticeable. Selection of such sleeve bearings can be the best choice for operators who are engaged in the installation of various kinds of waste water treatment facilities and underwater pumps.

And LUNA-15GR bearing is especially used for CWP(Circulating Water Pump), SLP(Seawater Lifting Pump), and COP(Condensate Water Pump) in power plants.

Its entire flagship product is shipped to more than 20 countries including Italy, France, the UK, Germany, India, the U.S.A, the Middle East, etc. Global operators especially in emerging markets in China and Southeast Asian countries are increasingly speeding up their steps toward obtaining this product.

I-Pass is committed to always working with its valued customers worldwide to endlessly provide solutions that significantly help global-related industry circles run more reliably, efficiently and economically.

I-Pass will also seeks teady fast growth with its prestigious clients toward becoming a global leader in this industry. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automotive Heat Exchangers, Compressor Parts

This slideshow requires JavaScript.[INQ. NO. 1307M07] CLIZEN is a specialized company manufacturing high quality automotive heat exchangers and automotive A/C compressor parts with TS16949 and ISO14001certifications, according to strict quality management standards; It has achieved “Single PPM” defect ratios for products.

As a leading manufacturer, CLIZEN offers aluminum, copper, and brass automotive heat exchangers and compressor products that are designed for vehicles and industrial applications.

CLIZEN was appointed as a technically innovative company, INNO-BIZ, and registered as a high technology venture business company by Korean government. The company’s automotive heat exchanger and compressor are designed and engineered to deliver excellent performance that makes automobiles possible to be almost perfect. These are the results of concentrated technology based on superior materials with excellent durability.

Its products such as automotive condensers, automotive evaporators, automotive radiators, and automotive heaters & heater cores are also friendly to the global environment.

CLIZEN’s world class aluminum, brass, and copper heat exchangers have unique designs for each and optimize internal temperatures for automobiles,trucks, and buses with excellent heat exchange.

The manufacturing system can provide clients with everything they need, ranging from OEM products to OES and aftermarket replacement for original components. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods