Coal Cargo-offloading Vertical Screw

201309M_Coal Cargo-offloading Vertical Screw Coating, now a prominent company in the areas of industrial coating treatment in Korea, has been consistently diversifying its industrial coating treatment portfolios into such areas as abrasion resistant coating, internal coating, insulation coating, and vertical screws for coal cargo-handling machines.

Of them, the offloading screw is used during when the offloading is underway.

The applied high strength steel pipe and abrasion resistant coating in the body and wings of the screw ensure improved durability.

Now, the majority of its coal cargo-offloading vertical screws are being delivered to some developing nations in Southeast Asia. This technology is also certified by ISO 9001, 14001, etc.

Furthermore, Hankook Coatings holds various areas of coating treatment technologies: functional coatings in various areas of industries; a technology of sliding-preventing in dangerous facilities; technologies of heat-resistance and insulation in high temperature parts; a technology of break control in rotational parts; and a technology enabling low level friction in operating parts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

High Temperature and Abrasion Resistant Material

201309M_High Temperature and Abrasion Resistant Material a specialty company of parts and materials, Hankook Coatings has been specialized in developing and producing the customized parts and materials related to generating facilities.

Recently Hankook Coatings developed coating material that prevents the progress of abrasion and corrosion in boiler water pipes.

It now specializes in manufacturing and even repairing all kinds of parts of generating facilities.

Now the flagship high-temperature and abrasion-resistant material G.1-AW is certified by the central government as one of Korea’s highly competitive NEPs(New Excellent Products).

It has several international recognitions of ISO9001, ISO14001, etc. This highly competitive coating material is now being briskly adopted as coating material of boiler tube in the thermoelectric power plant.The material is coated in the tube in high temperature and high pressure and so it protects tube.

Notably the added boride in the non-crystallization of alloy allows realization of very high hardness. Now, this material is used as representative boiler tube material in the leading five generating companies in Korea. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods