One-Stop Total Solution for EV Charging in 2016, Daeyoung Chaevi Co., Ltd. has completed an integrated charging solution for electric vehicle users ‒ from electric charger manufacturing to installation, management, after-sales service, data management and power trading. It is the only one in Korea and the second in the world. From the 3kW mobile charger, 7kW slow charger, 50kW fast charger, and to 100, 200, 400kW high-speed charging facilities, the company was recognized for its ability to manufacture all kinds of chargers and for its installation and operation capabilities.
Over the past years, there has been impressive growth covering 70% of the nation’s highway charging stations. The company has set up a separate software lab, responded to the B2B market, and developed software for its own operations management. The control center in the company can simultaneously check the condition of the charger, check for abnormality, management of member information, and payment, so that it can immediately respond to any inconveniences encountered by customers.



The mobile charger does not require a charge-only parking area and is easily carried and easy to charge anytime, anywhere. If you insert it in the outlet, you can charge and pay by mobile phone, so called in a way of plug & pay.



Outstanding usability and beautiful design tailored to customer preferences. Daeyoung Chaevi produces various types of slow chargers depending on the charging type and the simultaneity of charging, from the wall-mounted to the stand-alone home charger types. Users can select their desired type that best suits their living environment. Its slow chargers provide perfect compatibility.



The High Power Charger can charge at a super charge rate within 4 to 10 minutes depending on the battery capacity of the vehicle. Fast chargers made by Daeyoung Chaevi feature a variety of interfaces to accommodate a wide array of vehicles and guarantee ease of use. By offering the three interfaces of AC fast charging, CHAdeMo, and DC combo, it ensures compatibility with an extensive range of cars made by domestic and renowned international carmakers. The company has also invented a mechanical apparatus for positioning each vehicle properly while charging. Such design enables women and elderly drivers to easily handle charge guns. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods