LHE: A Leading Maker of Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

LHEhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1401M17] LHE is a globally leading manufacturer of heat exchangers. With persistent efforts, this maker could secure the world’s top-class production facilities of the 25,000ton and 50,000ton hydraulic presses with its own technology. Such facilities enable the company to fully respond to demands from markets at home and abroad. LHE shows its prominent competiveness in manufacturing of plate and frame heat exchangers in the global market. The competitiveness of the product is based on its conspicuous features in structure and functions as below and those are strong and unique features.

The plate heat exchanger is fixed by numbers of thin and corrugated heat transfer plates, hanging between the carrying bar on the above and the guide bar on the below. These heat transfer plates provide flow channels for two kinds of fluid, and the chevrons on the heat transfer plate make the turbulent flow and support the plate against the pressure difference between the two fluids. The plate pack is to be placed between the fixed cover and the movable cover, and fixed with tie bolts.

A gasket is attached to the heat transfer plate which forms a flow channel and seals in the fluid not to leak to the outside. The number of the heat transfer plates is determined according to the quantity of fluid, physical properties of fluid, the pressure drop and thermal conditions. The covers prevent the plates bended from the difference of pressure. In the assembly of plate, the surface with gasket is directed to the fixed cover and each plate is hanged in opposite directions alternately. And two fluids cannot be mixed and separated by a thin plate.

One fluid always flows in “A” channel and the other fluid always flows in “B” channel. The heat transfer plate forms corrugation to maximize the heat transfer efficiency and chevrons to create turbulence flow also designed to make countercurrent flow which enables reduction of the quantity of fluid remaining in the heat exchanger and eliminates the deadzone.

The plate heat exchanger can obtain five (5) times heat transfer efficiency compared with shell and tube heat exchangers. The strength of the plate is excellent, compared with other companies’ products with the point contact type, as the metal contact point has the surface contact feature when the plates are assembled. And the durability and corrosion resistance are greatly improved by minimizing deformation and stress concentration. Besides, the section of the gasket is designed and manufactured to have a pressure-resistant structure that enables the minimum contact area with the fluid, and thus to withstand a high pressure.

The gasket can be fixed tightly and quickly on the heat plate in the optimum condition with the dual fixing device (snap on type), and is designed and manufactured to have the glue type and glue free type so that it can be selected according to the usage. It is designed to prevent loosening of the tightening bolts and nuts during continuing operation, which prolongs the equipment’s operation lifetime and prevents leakages.

LHE has grown to be a market leader in Korean industries such as shipbuilding, steel, chemicals, construction, and power plant, etc. It took about 10 years to accomplish this goal. In an attempt to accomplish the higher goal of leading the global market, LHE focuses on ceaseless innovative R&D, which serves its potential customers as the most suited to their needs in an energysaving and environment-friendly way.

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