Absorption Chiller & Heaters

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryThe High-Efficiency Gas Fired Absorption Chiller produced by has acquired the high-efficiency certification for all models COP1.3 or higher. Featuring compact size and high-efficiency technology, it is exported to Pakistan, Iran, and Egypt.
The Single Effect Hot Water Driven Absorption Chiller can utilize the heat source hot water temperature up to 95 degrees, while the high-efficiency performance of COP0.74 makes it possible to reduce energy and operation cost. Also, these high-efficiency steam chillers are sold to plants and hospitals.
The Hybrid Absorption Chiller & Heater simultaneously drives hot water and gas with the heat source. It has the advantage of driving solar hot water or district heating hot water and city gas at the same time. The Triple Effect Absorption Chiller & Heater is the future product of Gas Fired Direct Fired Absorption, achieving the world’s highest efficiency COP of 1.65 and developed the world’s first reverse-parallel flow cycle.
The Hot Water Driven Adsorption Chiller is the first hot water driven product in Korea that uses hot water of up to 70 degrees, which adopts high-efficiency zeolite adsorbent and achieves COP0.5.

SAMJUNG TECH Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading company in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning since having been separated from Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. in 1999. The company is leading the domestic high-efficiency absorption market by introducing High-Efficiency Gas Fired Direct Fired Absorption, High-Efficiency Double Effect Hot Water Driven Absorption, Steamed Absorption Chiller and Solar Hybrid Absorption Chiller through constant research and development to produce high-end products.
SAMJUNG TECH has also developed and launched Korea’s first triple-effect absorption chiller and hot water driven adsorption chiller through its accumulated technology development expertise and innovative research over the last 30 years. This research was supported by the Korea Institue of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) and was funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE).

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