Aquaculture equipment

[INQ. NO. 1603M38]  As  a specialized enterprise, Newtec has been focusing on the field of mechanization of the aquaculture industry for more than 20 years by starting as an individual enterprise in 1992. Its major products include cranes to be installed in working boats for aquaculture, multipurpose jib cranes to be installed on the coast and FRP working boats for aquaculture.

Newtec has developed and provided cranes and FRP boats for aquaculture, multipurpose jib cranes, etc. since the early 2000s in order to resolve the endemic problems of the manpower-dependent abalone aquaculture. The abalone aquaculture industry of Korea has been attaining explosive growth and qualitative development for more than 10 years since then, and Newtec has made a decisive contribution by enabling such growth.

Untitled-76Mostly installed on the working ships of abalone farms, Newtec’s crane for aquaculture work is used to collect kelp which is the feed for abalone, to feed and lift aquatic products. Newtec‘s first developed a crane for aquaculture work and has been building customers’ loyalty due to its specialized function and convenient use.

Newtec’s FRP Boat is light, durable, anti-corrosive, and resilient and has high capacity. The FRP Boat is optimized for aquaculture working such as a multi-purpose Stem Gate for loading and unloading aquatic products and tools & materials for aquaculture working.

Lastly, Newtec’s Hydraulic Jib Crane is installed on seashore and docks, and its Hydraulic Jib Crane is used for lifting small ships for repair, tools & materials and aquatic products, and ships for evacuation from typhoons. Hydraulic Jib Crane is equipped with its own power supply and has strong durability, safety devices, and convenience. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods