Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine established as Kookdo Synthetic Corporation in 1984, PACKSKO CO., LTD. has strived to become a leading manufacturer of stamping machines, leveling machines, desiccant cutting machines, cup sealers, and packing machines.
With customers encouragement and a concentrated mindset of creating better automatic forming packing machines, PACKSKO sets its sights on achieving the localization of foreign machines and the automation of packing machines. While playing a small but important role in profit-making for the loyal customers, there were many difficulties along the way.
PACKSKO’s automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine forms its own containers without separate packing containers, fills the product, and processes sealing and vacuuming (gas, liquid) automatically. This has many advantages compared to products manufactured by other companies.
Its stainless-steel-used thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is attractively designed and allows easy cleaning. Using a vacuum pump manufactured by a famous European maker, the packing machine maintains its reliability.
This machine minimized failure time in the system and maximized convenience with Korean and multi-language menu. This prevents corrosion and transformation in electric and machine parts. This is able to pack various products. This is able to maintain the freshness of packaged foods and the regular capability of the forming machine (mold).
This extends the effective period of foods and encourages the customers to purchase. This contributes to preventing transformation and transmutation in packing form.
Vacuum packing products by this product include meat, fish, poultry, agricultural products, salted and pickled foods, various processed vegetables, processed beans, instant products, pharmaceutical products, various apparels and accessories, various teas, food powders, electric & electronic components, various cosmetic containers , medical appliances (syringe), disposable needles, and blood donation packs.
Now, PACKSKO is outperforming other multinational companies, taking first place in domestic market share, and also investing much to publicize the product and find new markets through participating in various specialized exhibitions and export conferences in order to advance into overseas markets. Encouraged by customers’ support, PACKSKO will
advance vigorously until it achieves its goal of becoming the world’s top-ranking company in the market of automatic forming vacuum packing machines. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a professional manufacturer of vacuum sealing & rollstock packaging machines. Market demands have pushed the company toward an international- and technology-driven strategy. To date, it has developed more than ten different kinds of specific machines for application in factories ranging from small shops to large-scale production. In particular, it is known for its auto thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, an industrial packaging machine with wide applications in food, medicine and electronics.
Regardless of the specification of the cast parts and modules, its machinery allows for manufacturing standardization. This allows the parts produced to be applied to a wide range of machinery. It continually works to improve precision, lower maintenance requirements and increase the machines’ working life. Starting with wellknown companies such as CJ, Sajo and Halim, Komas has delivered packaging machines to various others and is preparing for advancement into the global market with aggressive marketing.



SANVAC is a brand name for the Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine that Komas produces.
It is an industrial packaging machine that performs vacuum packaging automatically in large scale and at high speed, utilizing two layers of hygienic film by each unit of product made in a factory. It can implement additional functions with various options such as sealer for marking manufacture and expiration date and multi-labeler that attaches stickers according to the speed of the main body.
The machine is applicable to various industries such as medical equipment and cutt ing-edge material, in addition to food and food materials processing industries, as vacuum packaging improves hygienic trust and expiration date. It can implement both fl exible and rigid types of packaging. Depending on the characteristics of products to be packaged, the machine can adjust vacuum-level or insert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods