Industrial Motors[INQ. NO. 1803M10] In the field of factory automation systems that have significant line-operating losses and risks, motor quality and reliability are the most essential requirements. Therefore, a good motor is supposed to have fine electrical characteristics such as torque, power, and efficiency, and should have smooth rotation as well as durability. In particular, motors that are carefully applied to the main types of factory automation such as robots, are required to be compactness, high-efficiency precision, and high responsiveness with high energy-density.
Based on elevator motor technology of all the industrial motors, Higen Motor Co., Ltd. ensures a high reliability in product quality and functions. In recent years, Higen Motors has been producing high-performance products by acquiring elevator motor technology with inverters commercialized recently. In addition, the company produces stable high-quality motors by using automatic machines for part processing. Meanwhile, the servo systems have built-in components including high-output and high-torque motor, a drive that control them effectively, and a high-resolution encoder that is essential for high-precision control.
Higen Motors manufactures motors and designs structures using low-loss materials to achieve high output with high efficiency and low electricity. In addition, the manufacturing process is managed in order to achieve low vibration, low noise, and high insulation performance and is also aimed to obtain high-durability through improved processing precision.

In general, aluminum die-casting technology of rotors is very important for induction motors, and the motors produced by Higen Motors are manufactured by using a special casting machine for motors. The servo motor and servo drive undergo a lot inspection by using the specially designed inspection equipment to avoid any fault under various environmental conditions, while a high reliability is ensured through aging.
Higen Motors is a company that develops and produces controllers, servo drives, and servo motors that are the main components of robots. Although the company already supplies products to Korean robot producers, the demand is very low in reality. Like the servo market, the robot market in Korea has ended up in the arena of the struggle among the global players. Under such circumstances, Higen Motors has advanced into the robot business based on its accumulated technology and product power and set a new goal of improving competitiveness through vertical integration of products. The ultimate goal of Higen Motors is to become an industry’s giant to compete against Siemens and Mitsubishi in global markets as well as domestically through the diversification of collaborative robots, starting with Delta robots and 6-axis articulated robots.
Higen Motors has successfully completed “Development of GMC based on Standardized Korea Open Source Motion System for Automated Manufacturing (KOSMOS)” a project to develop an open source based motion control system supporting the PLCopen standard, through organic cooperation with related organizations. In addition, the company is currently engaged in research on extended control for general motion control and a variety of robot kinematics. Through such a series of technological development activities, Higen Motors plans to advance to the core technology of automation and robot control composed of high-performance servo motor, sensor, servo drive, and motion control system. Higen Motors has been an eyewitness to the 54-year history of motor development and localization. Now, in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, Higen Motors plans to devote itself to developing IT control technologies with intelligent motor and control technology as a core competency for future growth. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods