Automotive Interior Machinery

[INQ. NO. 2209M33] GunyangITT Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 when the Korean auto industry had just advanced into the global market, and has been growing in line with the development of the Korean auto industry that presently ranks 5th in the world’s automobile manufacturers, a country that produces around 5 million vehicles per year.

GunyangITT controls more than 60% of the domestic market share in car interior machines, taking the lead in the same sector.

Starting with its first exports to Poland in 1995, GunyangITT has now advanced into 23 automotive powerhouses including Europe, the USA, Japan, and others, building up its reputation in the global market.

GunyangITT, as a car interior equipment manufacturer, is producing industrial machines such as IMG vacuum forming machines, laminating machines, headliner forming lines, edge folding machines, hot air stacking machines, radiant-heat stacking machines, ultrasonic stacking machines, heat-stacking machines, and others, in relation to door trims, instrument panels, headliners, truck trims, package trays and floor carpets.

Innovator in Automotive Interior Machinery
As a total solution supplier, GunyangITT can handle turnkey project and are swiftly responding to almost all kinds of support for designs, A/S services, relocations, remodeling, and other facilities.

In addition, GunyangITT can supply development tools for CAD and 3D modeling and seek high quality thanks to its cutting-edge machines. It is also working hard to realize high-quality mass-production with low costs while increasing its competitiveness.

GunyangITT makes every endeavor not only to sell excellent equipment, but also to enable customers to create better value through its equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Compression Molds

For Automotive Interiors & Lightweight Material Parts

[INQ. NO. 2012M01] As a leading company in the field of compression molds for automotive interior and lightweight material parts, Dong-A ENG Co., Ltd. is a global company that exports more than 70% of its production to developed countries.
At present, Dong-A ENG is operating its advanced strategic factory in the Czech Republic targeting potential European customers, and a maintenance center in Thailand for the sake of carrying out re-design and A/S service.

Dong-A ENG’s current major products are compression forming molds for composite material parts such as carpets, headliners (roof), insulator dashes, wheel arch liners, engine undercovers, etc.
Dong-A ENG is now also professionally engaged in manufacturing various types of molds for GMT/SMC parts like back beams, seat backs, battery trays, etc.
Dong-A ENG is a renowned company specialized in the so-called root technologies in Korea, which has mold technologies of new materials and new methods through its ceaseless investment in R&D.
Dong-A ENG produces high-quality and low-priced molds according to the customer’s equipment, the production process, and the part volume requirements, and delivers the tooling to your factory according to transportation instructions.

Dong-A ENG has the necessary equipment for production of sample parts, and if the customer orders mold from Dong-A, the customer can produce sample parts as much as needed, and try to assemble parts of the car prototype and check.

In case, the customer needs a mold modification, the company can supply modification to his tooling in our factory until the customer receives a part confirmation from the automotive company.
The president noted that the company would accept increasingly numbers of new market challenges, and do its best to satisfy the requirements of its customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods