Automotive Springs[INQ. NO. 1910M35] Since its establishment in 1988, Daegu Precision Co.,Ltd.(also called DGS) has been growing into a leading Spring maker.
The company has made continuous efforts to provide superior products with quality, delivery, and price that customers’ desire.
Ahead of others, DGS was registered as a venture enterprise, selected as a leading enterprise by the Daegu city administration, and certified as IATF16949.

Tension Line
DGS has the only state-of-the-art tension line facilities in Korea and the best manufacturing technology in the world.
The company also possesses ultra-high-strength square section molding technology and all employees are stepping up efforts to realize no quality defects. In addition, it is currently exporting various tension spring products to 11 countries including China, Japan, the USA, and Canada.

Small Wire Size line
DGS produces springs for automobile brakes, doors and seats, among others. The company has a variety of facilities to produce a variety of products and can always respond to customer needs. DGS produces springs for nuclear power plants, as well as automotive tailgate springs.

Large Wire Size Line
In the field of large wire size lines, DGS is able to produce and develop various springs such as suspension tunings, brakes and mold springs, and exclusively manufacture brake chamber springs in Korea.
In addition, the company can produce industrial springs and is currently supplying earthquake-proof and dust-proof springs, industrial robot springs and disc springs.
DGS aims to do its best to develop into an even more competitive company through sustained research and development. DGS has been made with customers’ sincere and constant support. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automotive components

[Serial No. 2014-B-013] BMVELTIX is devoting itself to manufacturing top-quality automotive parts including automotive springs. For such products, BMVELTIX operates various advanced production lines. BMVELTIX also operates an R&D center since its early business stage, which helps it guarantees reliable high quality of high-precision automotive springs and wire process products.

Now various kinds of automotive springs, representatively including compression springs, clip regulators, torsion springs, and tension springs, are being manufactured, with their respective basic role of compression, torsion, and tension, for normal operation of automotives.

Automotive-componentsSuch various types of eye-catching automotive parts are now being exported to the USA, Morocco, and China, with yearly steady growth in export volume. BMVELTIX’s efforts for discovering potential markets are being made focusing on markets of remaining North America and Europe. Through faithfully and swiftly responding to any demanding requirements of customers, it not only realizes the maximization of customer satisfaction, but also its sustainable growth.

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