Bipedal Humanoid Robot[INQ. NO. 2003M10] HUBO is Korea’s first bipedal humanoid robot, developed by KAIST. With the help of Rainbow Robotics, HUBO2 became the world’s first humanoid robot platform to be commercialized. It was purchased by the world’s leading research institutes (MIT, Google, etc.) as a research platform.
HUBO2 is equipped with a lightweight robotic arm with six axes of freedom. With its lightweight, compact & agile design technology, HUBO2 can be used for various motions.
HUBO2 is a globally known biped robot platform. Related engineering products, including DRC-HUBO, HUBO-ARM, HUBO-HAND, HUBO-Q (fast mobile platform), sensors, motor drivers, and real-time controllers, have also been developed.
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