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If there is one thing that we see and use every day, it is a bottle, because, it comes very useful as there are many uses. These containers made of glass, plastic, aluminum, etc., can store a number of different types of liquids or chemicals while being sealed by caps. As various as their applications, many bottle manufacturers operate around the clock diligently to supply countless bottles to various industries. And DOWOO E&T is the backbone of the bottle industry since it is the one that tops all others.

Beginning in 1994, DOWOO E&T has been dedicated, especially, not only to manufacturing packaging production machines and equipment but more importantly to customers. Centering on its customer-oriented principles, the bottle production line maker has been addressing customers’ difficult needs by supplying numerous SEAMING ROLL & CHUCK, other key components, and sub-assembly products for food or can manufacturers. DOWOO E&T is the first one that introduced CAPPING MACHINE in Korea. Via its tech-savvy manufacturing facilities and experiences, promptly acting upon customers’ requests concerning their production facilities and maintenance has been DOWOO E&T’s number 1 priority.

The bottle machinery builder’s product lineup is well set up based on each different bottle type: PET Bottling Line, 100ml Bottling line, and 120ml Bottling line. Depalletizer is a machine that prepares empty bottles in a pallet for the next process, also there is so called “Robot Palletizing System.” Single Liner is for arranging the bottles, and Air Conveyor can rapidly transfer them in one row by using airjet. TT Chain Conveyor can deliver bottles while minimizing any possible damage. The Wrap Around In Caser can wrap bottles with a paper box. For more information, you can visit

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Depalletizer (DW-DP-600)


This is a device to insert an empty bottle in a a pallet to be entered over specified conveyor for which step-by-step is determined. The empty bottle entered by one step is transferred to the next conveyor, and system is configured in the way the bottle is not damaged in the conveyor.

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