BUILDTEK grows into one of the leading manufacturers of flame retardant products in Korea

[INQ. NO. 1511M19] Since its founding in 2003, based on its overall fire prevention systems, BUILDTEK developed its fire prevention doors in 2009 and Firekeep Wrap in 2013. It was the first company in Korea to successfully develop a comprehensive system to protect cable trays from fire and completed development of thermal barrier fire doors that are used in evacuation areas (fire prevention zones).

BUILDTEK_1President Kim Won-bae

Currently, items that our company deals with are fire resistant products that are excellent in slowing down the speed of fire outbreaks, preventing fires from spreading and extinguishing fires.

Our products include thermal barrier fire doors that can prevent arson for one hour and keep it cool, and also Firekeep Wrap and Block that protect cable trays from fire.

The thermal barrier fire doors have been developed in accordance with ISO regulations and have passed tests where the highest temperature was 180℃ and the average temperature was 140℃. They meet the requirements of the Korean “E mark,” for they can prevent fire for one hour, while they are excellent in insulation and energy-efficient. And they are harmless to human. products are excellent in providing thermal barriers and anti-dew function as they can realize maximum 110℃ and average 100℃ of temperature on the other side.

All products comply with domestic certifications as well as ISO regulations. For the future, BUILDTEK is preparing to manufacture glass fire doors and thermal barrier glass fire doors. It is also planning to acquire UL certification. As for the size of product, it is capable of producing up to 1,000mm(w) x 2,300mm(h) x 42mm(t). The product consists of railstrip, expertcore, fireblock, firekeep150, etc. And it can be used for hotels, convention buildings, apartments, power plants, ships, airports, and so forth.

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