Stick-type Ignition Coil[INQ. NO. 1803M11] Ignition coil is a device that generates high voltage for creating the spark in the ignition plug. Stick coil, unlike conventional coils, does not require a spark cable and distributor.
YURATECH’s stick-type ignition coil is an innovative product that has been designed to be connected with ECU/ Battery on top of the product, while the spark plug is directly connected at the bottom of the coil.
As a product that has realized the dream of the automobile industry in developing a module, types of vehicles applied with stick type coils are expanding following the increase in the number of vehicles fitted with CVVT (Continuously Variable Valve Timing) specification.
Established in 1987, YURATECH has been focused on developing advanced ignition for automobiles through innovative technology and by promoting the highest quality. With the contribution to the automobiles industry by continuously developing advanced spark plugs, stick coils and other essential parts for the automobile’s engine, the company has received many accolades from both public and private sectors. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Ultra-Cold-Resistant ICEFLEX Cable



[INQ. NO. 1303M01] Kukdong Electric Wire’s ICEFLEX is an ultra-cold-resistant cable featuring outstanding mechanical and environmental properties. It is especially excellent in low hazard conditions such aslow smoke, toxicity and non-halogen acid gas emissions under flammable conditions.

The cable has excellent low temperature resistance characteristics complying with Canada’s transport requirements, with cold bending impact at -50°C.

Due to the need for ultra-cold-resistant cables for oil & gas exploitation in colder climate areas and more frequently use on the new Arctic shipping route, it can be installed for operating ships and offshore construction. Projects in cold areas such as Russia, the North Sea and the Arctic will be potential customers for the ultra-cold-resistant cable.

Based on technical expertise and know-how accumulated over four decades, Kukdong Electric Wire has grown into one of the most well-known shipboard cable manufacturers in the world.

The maker’s manufacturing facilities for maritime cables is capable of producing 36,000km of wire per year.The maker can provide a comprehensive range of shipboard cables with the highest level of quality and price competitiveness.


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