Charging Station EV INC. has since 2011 been supplying EV chargers to globally renowned car makers including Hyundai, Kia, BMW, VW, Ford, Honda, etc. In 2017, the company has proved it has the world’s highest level technology by acquiring an accreditation of CHAdemo protocol 1.2 version for both large output charging and simultaneous charging.
SIGNET EV’s EV charger has a module-type power conversion unit and thus allows easier maintenance than other companies’ chargers. This is not nearly exposed to the danger of being shut down even when one module remains broken because the remaining modules still operate as they did before. In recent years, as vehicles’ battery capacity and mileages respectively increase, the increasing demand for higher capacity charging system is becoming a growing trend. In line with this trend, the company has already finished developing an ultra-large output charging system (about 350 kW class) and further obtained UL accreditation.
This charging station is what is called the dispenser type of future charging systems that can replace the existing gas stations. Already, until April, this year, this charging station was supposed to be installed on highways and downtown locations in the United States. Also, unlike other existing companies’ charging systems, it is considered in designs for all maintenance activities to be carried out in an open condition of the front door only. Designed to be far slimmer than the existing models, this can be installed at the wall side by being attached, and thus giving more benefits in the management of parking lots.
This charging system also supplies the most efficient charging services for those who are engaged in businesses of car rental, taxi, buses, etc. by automatically charging two vehicles in order and simultaneously charging (called power-sharing technology) of two vehicles in which electricity is divided in the highestefficiency, together with the contribution to the basic role of charging infrastructure.

Moreover, this company has the world’s first-developed V2V charger by which charging between two vehicles can be performed and now supplies emergency charging service for discharged vehicles on the road by using Hyundai IONIQ.
SIGNET EV is proceeding with what is called a microgrid type charging station demonstration project incorporated with the ESS system and renewable energy. In particular, this micro-grid type charging station started to receive great attention as an active-type power management charging station that consumes the power stored at ESS in peak time when the electricity fee is most high and uses electricity from an electrical grid. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods