Cutting-edge textile machinery technologies to catch global attention

[INQ. NO. 1407M17] Samill Machinery Co.’s “Exter” stenters feature uniform heat distribution and low-noise operation under both high- and low-speed modes. Since they are designed to provide enough overfeed in processing cotton, T/C, spandex and other new synthetic fibers, they help produce more flexible and bulkier finished products. By adopting a highly efficient hot wind-circulation method, they maintain uniform interior temperatures of chambers and show sharply reduced power consumption.

By employing high-end inverters, “Majestar” coating machines from Samill Machinery Co. provide quickresponse control of tensile strength. So, they are suitable for processing new synthetic fabric and microfiber fabric like “Islands-in-the-Sea.” Due to their uniform heat distribution and air-blowing, they provide extremely natural drying effects. As a result, they can meet various customer demands for processing high-end fabrics with unique touch, water-repellence and waterproofness.

1407M17 “Luxey” tumbler machines from Samill Machinery Co. are designed to give excellent shrink-proof and explosionproof effects to the fabrics. So, they are ideal for surface processing of high-end fabrics and treating newly developed synthetic fabrics. Their tumbling finishing improves touch and air permeability of the processed fabrics, thus bringing a modifying effect to the fabric surfaces. Employing advanced beam sensor technology, they are widely applicable for rayon, celluloid-based new materials, cotton, wool, natural fiber, knit, compound fiber and high-density fabrics.

Over the past three decades, Samill Machinery Co. has constantly introduced textile machines, including stenters, post-textile processing machinery, industrial textile coating machines, laminating machines and weight-reducing machines.

With its own research and development institute, Samill Machinery Co. has constantly released advanced textile machinery and has supplied them to domestic and foreign textile companies in Japan, China, India, Italy, Australia and the Middle East.

Samill Machinery Co. has acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and possesses international patents for its stenters and drying machines. The company has also obtained foreign certifications such as ASME’s “U” Stamp, TUV and CE. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Coating Machine – Sooho Coating Machine Industrial

Sooho Coating MachinePowder coating applies powder electrostatically, and it does not require a solvent. Defying hazardous factors, power coatings are preferred to most conventional liquid coatings. The method is ideal for coating items like automobile and bicycle parts for now. Sooho Coating Machine Industrial in Korea is determined to put the best efforts into developing the powder coating for new materials that are up and coming.

First built in 1992, Sooho Coating Machine Industrial has been providing electrostatic powder coating machines and accessories. They are either manually or automatically running with efficiency. In addition, the manufacturer produces the other equipments such as reciprocators and auto-control systems. Their quality supported by certificates like CE (Germany) and ISO9001. Customers may as well trust what the company can offer.

Sooho Coating Machine Industrial offers SH series models for electrostatic powder coating. Designed based on biotechnology, They are not only safe and comfortable when its operation is on but also provide easy maintenance and repair with self-examination functions. Its recoating work shows excellent results, and high productivity can be realized with automatic electrostatic control function that can well penetrate into a number of different products.

Sooho Coating’s digital reciprocators which is the first in Korea can is a great problem solver for the business, and features no noises, digital display, safety function, digital control system, etc.



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