Components & Auxiliary Equipment for Diesel Engines[INQ. NO. 1803M02] Shin Heung Precision began its operations in 1988 as a manufacturer of components & auxiliary equipment for diesel engines. Shin Heung Precision has supplied centrifugal oil cleaner and air starting motor to Doosan Engine, STX Engine, and Hyundai Heavy Industry for 20 years.
Shin Heung Precision has recently launched new purifiers for oil, and supplies Hyundai Heavy Industry, NSK bearing and Korindo group. Shin Heung Precision has been meticulously designed & manufactured to fulfill customer requirements. SHP components are innovative, reliable, and competitive and its staff is dedicated to excellent customer service. Shin Heung Precision’s employees take great pride in combining responsibility and creativity with clear goals. SHP’s vision is to be a ‘Global Leader’ and strives to provide the greatest value to every client. Shin Heung Precision’s centrifugal oil cleaner (CP) & portable centrifugal cleaner (PCC) are especially designed and manufactured and can remove sludge and any contaminants in industrial oil. Some of the global leading heat-treatment companies such as NSK and Bearing Art are selecting the company’s products in order to economically and efficiently remove large volumes of sludge in heat-treated oil. Shin Heung Precision also supplies its products to steel, large-scale processing and paper factories which refine hydraulic oil with its products. Recently, it succeeded in the refining of fine particles of aluminum, and is developing new markets by supplying cutting-edge oil- refining machines for automatic CNC aluminum lathes. In addition, this product can be applied to all kinds of industrial equipment with oil and can refine all oils. CP & PCC can extend your equipment lifetime and save on maintenance costs.
Green purifier (GP) can remove sludge and any contaminants in oil. It is also specialized in separating the emulsified water in oil. It has great water-removal efficiency up to 99.8%.
Hybrid media is very special to remove ultra-fine particles in oil. It can remove even 1μm particles up to 99.4%. It has very high efficiency so you can manage your oil cleanness as high quality at all times. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods