Flip Chip Bonder

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1803M01] HANMI Semiconductor’s flip chip bonder is a core device used in semiconductor packaging process for smart devices, CPU, application process (AP), etc. Small and thin compared with existing wire bondings by using an assembly type flip-chip packaging that connects printed circuit board (PCB) to the solder ball bumper, it is essential equipment for production of semiconductor chips for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.
HANMI Semiconductor’s 3rd generation flip chip bonder 3.0 is features upgraded performance in eight items including significantly improved productivity and precision compared to previous models, and thinner and small die with improved handling capability, built-in self-diagnosis system and improved vision test function for users’ convenience, thus receiving good responses from customers in Taiwan where a lot of high-end packages are produced.


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