Crawler Drill & Hydraulic Breaker

Crawler Drill & Hydraulic Breaker As one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturers of hydraulic breakers, Soosan has been committed to the development and manufacturing of quality products and product support since its establishment in 1984.

Now Soosan accounts for over 35% market share in the domestic market in the sections and has seven overseas operationsin strategic locations across the world to support 151 dealers in over 70countries. In addition to hydraulic breakers, it also manufactures truck-mounted cranes and surface blast-hole drill rigs.

The company’s STD series of hydraulic crawler drill rigs have been developed to be the reliable top hammering drill rigs for surface blasting in quarry and civil work environments. They are comprised of undercarriage, feed, boom and power unit. These components are powered by a water-cooled Cummins diesel engine. They are equipped with a safe and comfortable cabin (ROPS & FOPS) with wide visibility and easy operation system using joysticks.

They also have a simple rod changing system and advanced Soosan hydraulic rock drill. Since the first breaker rolled out from its factory back in 1984, the ingenious and patented design of Soosan breakers have received recognitions for its superb performance from worldwide customers. It offers a wide range of breakers compatible with carriers, ranging from 0.8 ton to 90 ton class, suitable for various applications; such as overburden removal, primary and secondary breaking, asphalt, concrete structure demolition, trenching, ground excavation, foundation works, recycling, landscaping, etc.

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