A Leading Heat-Exchanger Manufacturer in Korea

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Since its founding in 1980, DongHwa Entec has been specializing in manufacturing a wide range of heatexchangers, including marine heat-exchanger repairing service and heat-exchangers for power generation and plant industry. Currently, it is heading into new arena of special heat-exchangers for LNG liquefaction and gasifi cation plants, and accelerating the development of heatexchangers for next-generation aircraft engines. Besides the domestic market, it also successfully diversifi ed overseas business in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

201610mm_page_041_07Subsequently, it generated more than 80% of sales from abroad, and today, it has become the leading heatexchanger manufacturer in Korea.

In 2014, it was recognized as a “World Class 300” project, which was designed to discover smallmedium sized companies with having the technology innovation capability and global growth strategy. It then evolved into a world-class level one through all kinds of support packages provided by the Korean government.

201610mm_page_041_16In preparation for its future success, DongHwa Entec focuses on cultivation of human resources as an internal determinant. However, it surely cannot be accomplished within a short time. Rather, the cultivation of employees can be fruitful only after making a long-term investment in systematic support program along with patience.

Therefore, it has been implementing the Empowered Management, which focuses on happiness of its employees, and this could be the most distinguishable virtue of DongHwa Entec.

Key Products to Resource Effi ciency, Energy and Environmental Industry

201610mm_page_041_03Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) is used to supply fuel gas for ME-GI engines.

The high pressure LNG is supplied by HP liquefi ed natural gas pump and then, vaporized to natural gas.

Glycol Water is generally used as a heat-source for vaporizing liquefi ed natural gas, and the Glycol Heating System is supplied including a Glycol Tank and a Glycol Pump.

201610mm_page_041_09LNG that is being supplied from RV/FSRU (combination of LNG Tanker, Re-gasifi cation facility and Gas unloading facility) by HP LNG Pump, is vaporized by HP Vaporizer. The seawater is utilized as a source of heat that vaporizes LNG, and also if the seawater temperature drops, it will be heated by the Seawater Heating System. In such case, DongHwa Entec’s Seawater Heater may be used.

201610mm_page_041_14E.S.S. (Energy Saving System) is an intelligent control system to optimize the central seawater cooling system of a ship. This system’s sensor measures the temperature of seawater and clean water as well as the opening and closing locations of 3-way valves and supplies the optimized energy to central seawater cooling pumps of ships at sea.

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Fresh-Water Generator


[INQ. NO. 1303M03] Donghwa Entec’s fresh-water generator is a device to produce fresh water by using sea water and comes in two models of low pressure evaporating type and reverse osmosis type.

Currently, most of the merchant ships in the world are adopting low-pressure evaporating type to produce fresh water by using steam or jacket water, which is a waste heat source from engine and F.W.G is largely divided into shell & tube type and plate type.

S.W. is vaporized under vacuum by extra heat source and salinity is percolated from the vaporized S.W. and fresh water is obtained by condensing them. And it is
necessary to maintain salinity not to exceed 0 ~ 10ppm.

F.W.G. consists of vaporizer, condenser, demister, salinometer, distillate pump, ejector and steam injector. The fresh-water generator from the company is being actively exported to Japan, China, Singapore, and Brazil.

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