Electrical Transformer

Electrical Transformer
https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEL Power Tech is the leader in power and integrated systems, especially renowned in Asia as well as in Korea based on customers’ trust. Since its establishment in 2000, with the mission to be the leader in delivering quality products and services that meet the needs and requirements of its customers and contribute to their success.

EL Power Tech’s electrical transformer has conspicuous competitiveness over high-class insulation & fire safety. H class Nomex insulating paper, proven by sufficient performance record, and Varnish Vacuum Impregnation are applied to improve insulating performance as well as fire or explosion safety.The compact design adds this product spatial benefit in application along with merits of light transportation and easy handle.

Considering the effect of secondary side’s condenser load inrush current, the applied design also ensures reliability and durability. Materials of high magnetic permeability are used for coil winding, so it has sufficient ability to withstand short-circuit. Cold rolled grain-oriented steel is specially processed for the core, so it has enough mechanical strength. The applied no harmful materials well reflect the intention of this company to protect the surrounding environment.

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