Ex-Proof, Weather-Proof HPS/LED Floodlighting Fixtures

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M06] Daeyang Electric Co., Ltd. is a leader in marine lightings, communication systems, power systems and nautical instruments. Based on over 43 years of experience in the marine and shipbuilding industry, Daeyang’s superior products are acknowledged by various customers throughout the world.
Customer satisfaction is its first and only priority, the company puts endless efforts into meeting the highest standards. With heavy investment (about 10% of annual turnover) in research and development, its R&D center is one of the most famous research centers in the industry for its innovation and capability for product development.
Daeyang operates in various sites around Busan, Korea, and has overseas partner offices in Japan, North & South America, Europe, China, South Asia and Australia for immediate responses to customers’ inquiries and demands.

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