Excavator Simulator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711M02] The SIMREX HDS model is a simulator for repetitive drills for driving forklifts more than three tons for adults who are driving license holders and targets construction machine operation education institutions and heavy equipment vocational training institutes.
The heavy equipment simulator used for driving and safety education of various heavy machines such as excavators, forklifts, and ladder trucks enables realistic education and training by means of real-time simulation and scenario-authoring tools.
The SIMREX HDS model informs the user of successes or failures step-by-step in quests in a forklift driving exam, provides feedback on failures and failure factors and provides a mode where a trainee masters a driving skill course through interactive training.
Innosimulation is also operating an autonomous vehicle simulator that supports a variety of experiments and research because it has a traffic simulation by artificial intelligence and a driving scenario to evaluate the safety regulations of the ISO/EURO NCAP. Therefore, it is possible to develop and test the logic of an autonomous vehicle through the simulator.
In particular, the SIMREX HDS model is loaded with a combination of advanced technologies such as collision avoidance through deep learning, map matching based on a high-precision positioning map and LAS data, and V2X simulation. The simulator comes in handy when analyzing and studying the complex relationships among roads, cars and drivers.

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