Providing Marine Bearing and Power Plant Pump Bearing Export & Import Corporation is a sales representative company of I-PASS Corporation for the marine industry and the power plant pump industry. It desires to be part of a human-oriented company and it has been serving its customers with reliability since its establishment.

To become one of the top global companies, it will continue to make every eff ort to extend its marketing worldwide with various goods while developing technologies and working day and night on research and development.

Luna 15GR Bearings for Marine Industry and Power Plant Pump Industry

201610mm_page_049_03This company sells largely three categories of products – namely, mechanical parts such as grinding wheels and sisal wheels; bearings for power plants like pump sleeve bearings and rudder bearings for vessels. However, its most representative product is “LUNA 15GR Bearings” for the marine industry and the power plant pump industry.

Luna 15GR bearings feature fabric reinforced and laminated polymer as material with dry running capability.

They cause low coeffi cient of friction and virtually no swell in water with non electrochemical corrosion. Being tolerant to misalignment and defl ections, their elasticity can reduce the eff ects of hammering.

Luna 15GR bearings last longer than a ship’s life and come at very reasonable price. They are applicable for all sizes of ships, from small military vessels to 20,000 TEU container ships. And they are very easy to handle and install for they weigh only 1/7 of bronze bearings and they are environmentally friendly without using asbestos.

In addition, Luna 15GR bearings have superior mechanical properties compared to other foreign products with strong resistance against waste water and sea water.

Their duration have been prolonged with minimization of shaft damage with excellent wear resistance and adequate elasticity. Rapid response to various needs from customers is possible through unifi ed processing and self-production of material, rather than through the processing of imported material.

The application for Luna 15GR bearings includes various places and purposes. Bearings for CWP, SLP, SCWP, COP, and SWP pumps are used in power plants while water bearings are used in the pumps for rainwater pumping stations, water purifi cation plants and sewage treatment plants.

201610mm_page_049_06More products include marine bearings (rudder, stern tube), container support pads and winch bush. Also, heavyload sheave pulley bush bearings for opening fl oodgates at tidal power plants and shaft sleeve bearings for water drainage pumps for dry docks in the shipyards are among the products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods