Lifting Systems[INQ. NO. 1801M05] As a power base developer, Sangwon Intech has been leading the growth of Korean technology with its competitiveness specialized in lifting (up/down) systems based on power cylinder and screw jack systems. The company has developed a wide range of products ranging from compact, high-precision products using rack jacks to high-load industrial products. In particular, they are designed for clean room use with excellent durability and IP65 rating, satisfying customers’ technical requirements. The following is an interview with an official of the company:


Q: Would you tell us about Sangwon Intech’s plan for sustainable growth in the era of the “fourth industrial revolution”?

Sangwon Intech is developing small products and products of special specifications to befit the era of the Internet of things. We will carry out marketing to reach customers first by steadily developing and producing new products through collaborations with our corporate customers.


Q: In what market segment do you want to expand your market share?

As a company specialized in gearbox and lifting systems which are essential for automation equipment, Sangwon Intech is growing steadily in a tough market environment. We will do our best to satisfy our customers with the best quality by working harder in our current business sectors.


Q: What are your plans for participating in domestic and international exhibitions in the future?

We are planning to publicize our superior products to domestic and overseas customers and also launch a Taiwanese high-precision speed reducer to be displayed together with our products. I hope that our participation in this event will provide a good momentum to inform new customers of Sangwon Intech by participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions in the future.


Q: What products do you plan to exhibit during exhibitions at home and abroad?

First of all, we will exhibit a motor lift and a power cylinder. The motor lift complements the disadvantages of existing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, enabling ups and downs of the precision table via servo control. The power cylinder is a high-load precision control product and is suitable for use in clean rooms (IP65). Moreover, we will showcase Auto Louver, a compact automation louver opening / closing device, and Roller Reducer (harmonic driver), a high-precision (1arc / min) product from Taiwan’s Tsuntien.


Q: Please outline your company’s future business plans

We, all the employees of Sangwon Intech, will strive to make all our products recognized as ones with the highest quality not only in Korea but also in the world. In addition, our company is planning to enter the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets by securing a sales base in Southeast Asia with strong price competitiveness. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

KINTEX, Global Top 20 Exhibition & Convention Center has been increasing the number of events held, such as 265 exhibition hall events, 1,003 conference room meetings, and 130 shootings of TV CF and drama locations through the end of 2017, showing remarkable achievements every year. As a result, notwithstanding the exhibition and convention center of larger than 100,000m2, of which the scale is 15 soccer fields, the operation rate remarkably reached almost 60 percent as of last year. The area of KINTEX is three times as large as that of COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, and the annual use area converted into the rate of operation is 23 million m2, which is the biggest in Korea.
In May 2016, KINTEX successfully held the 2016 Rotary International Convention, which was the largest ever in the history of Rotary’s international conventions. It attracted ‘ASEAN POWER WEEK’ which had previously been held only in the ASEAN region, such as in Thailand, Malaysia etc., thereby letting the world know about KINTEX as a premier international convention and exhibition center. The 2016 SIMTOS, one of the world’s four major machine tool exhibitions and the largest exhibition in terms of single area, was visited by more than 600 actual buyers from various countries including India, Vietnam and Indonesia, where the demand for machine tools and the relevant products has increased significantly in recent years. In addition, as a culture complex, KINTEX holds various culture experience programs and concerts, such as the KINTEX Spoon Art Show, Korea Christmas Fair, etc.
Also, internally, the number of exhibitions conducted by KINTEX increased drastically from nine in 2014 to 21 in 2017. Typically, KINTEX participated in the Seoul Motor Show and Seoul Food, which are two of the five major exhibitions in Korea, as a joint organizer, thereby demonstrating and strengthening its exhibition capacity. KINTEX held ‘K-Beauty Expo Bangkok’ in Thailand in September last year, and held another ‘K-Beauty Expo’ in Vietnam last year, thereby helping Korean SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) participating in the exhibitions to develop their overseas markets.
KINTEX continues its efforts to become one with the local community. Since 2015, KINTEX has been holding ‘The Super Mom Fair’ for helping career-interrupted women find new work, along with Ilsan Ajime, which is the biggest online community in the region of Goyang City. Last year it donated all of the profits to Goyang Youth Shelter, a social service institution in the region, and community service centers, thereby walking the path of coexistence with the community. KINTEX has been continuing a scholarship project for supporting the study of excellent youth in the region of Goyang City and Gyeonggi-do for 10 years since its establishment.
For the first time in the exhibition industry of Korea, KINTEX uses retired professional manpower as expert advisors for its exhibition business marketing and has dispatched career-interrupted women to the wedding and catering business where women’s unique sensibility can be utilized, considering that the interest in re-entry of career-interrupted women’s advancement in society is growing. KINTEX, as the representative convention and exhibition center in Korea, will keep on expanding these social contribution projects in order to contribute to the community.
Meanwhile, as the business plan for constructing the third convention and exhibition center of KINTEX passed the deliberation stage by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, it has become possible to carry forward the construction of the third convention and exhibition center in accordance with the “Basic Plan for the Construction of the General Exhibition Center in the Metropolitan Area” set up at the time of the establishment of KINTEX. As it is anticipated that KINTEX’s exhibition centers will be saturated in 2020 with its rate of operation increasing up to 70%, KINTEX must start arranging for construction of the third convention and exhibition center without delay.
Now, with construction of the third convention and exhibition center in 2022, KINTEX will secure an exhibition area of 178,000m2, getting ranked among the top 20 in the world. In addition, by establishing a hotel along with the third convention and exhibition center, KINTEX will increase visitors’ time to stay in Goyang downtown and heighten the economic ripple effects through the community.
The Techno Valley of Northern Gyeonggi-do planned to be created in the region of Janghangdong in 2020 is expected to transform the whole area of KINTEX into a center of the “fourth industrial revolution.” In 2021, the GTX A Line reducing the travel time between Samseong Station in Seoul and KINTEX to just 20 minutes will be opened, and the complex transfer center will be constructed at the GTX KINTEX Station. Thus, the whole area of KINTEX is expected to become a hub of traffic and culture.


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