Automotive Parts

[INQ. NO. 2108M09] Since its establishment in 1988, Hanna Corporation has been supplying various automobile parts to dealerships and distributors around the world, and has been supplying genuine parts, OE products, and non-genuine parts used for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and heavy equipment.
Based on its previous experience in manufacturing filter products, Hanna Corporation has built up expertise in providing oil, fuel, and air filters and is also supplying a number of products such as shock absorbers, timing belt kits, EGR valve kits, metal bearings for engine overhaul, suspension parts, brake pads, etc.
Hanna Corporation is reliable when it comes to price, quality, delivery, and supply.

Shock Absorbers

Hanna Corporation is able to supply genuine, OE and PB filters and is gaining recognition for outstanding quality and competitive prices in markets in North America, South America, and the Middle East.

Automotive Parts

Metal Bearings for Engine Overhaul
Hanna Corporation is able to supply metal bearings with similar quality of genuine parts at around 50% more competitive prices compared with those of genuine parts.
It is possible to supply them for all types of vehicles – mass-produced products: no MOQ, previously-developed products: MOQs for 100 vehicles, newly developed products: MOQs for 500 vehicles.

Automotive Parts

Shock Absorbers
Hanna Corporation supplies shock absorbers manufactured by MANDO’s subsidiary that provides them to MANDO and is exporting them under its own brand of SAMTEC. The SAMTEC shock absorber has the same quality as that of MANDO, and at a lower price.

Automotive Parts
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Automobile fuel filter

[Serial No. 2012-B-245]

Korea Filtering was converted into a corporation in 2009 from a form of individual enterprise. Through operating an advanced R&D institute, Korea Filtering was the first company in Korea to develop a fuel filter for CRDI automobiles. The recently released automobile fuel filter developed by Korea Filter is a fuel filter for CRDI car engines. It filters fuel before injection. In particular, because CRDI engine cars use high pressure pumps, damage may occur due to a little water in the fuel.

CRDI fuel filters prevented a car from such damage previously.

Automobile-fuel-filter It is a fuel filter for diesel cars. It filters fuel before injection. Diesel has many pollutants compared with gasoline. Fuel filter for diesel cars prevented a car from serious damage previously. Now global demands for the products are mostly generated in Russia, Vietnam, etc. Seeing a growing number of global orders for its products, Korea Filtering is also further making its utmost to develop the upgraded quality of products. Based on domestic aftermarkets such as SK, Speed Mate etc., Korea Filtering is an accelerating export, sales and brand promotion.

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