Eco-Friendly Functional Construction Materials Inc. is a company for functional eco-friendly construction materials and established in 2014. INECO keeps trying to develop functional Eco-friendly indoor finishing materials, purify various environment harmful substances created from indoor space and create healthy and beautiful spaces using natural materials.
IECO block, a functional eco-friendly indoor finishing material, is a product that can make the environment of indoor spaces healthier and more beautiful with Ecofriendly features and convenience functions utilizing the functionality of natural porous substance.
First, the product helps to maintain pleasant and healthy space through humidity control. It absorbs moisture through micro holes on the surface in high humidity, while maintaining optimum humidity in the space by releasing moisture in low humidity. In addition, it improves environmental conditions that cause mold or mites in high temperature and humidity state. Second, it adsorbs harmful substances such as volatile organic compounds in space, disassembles and purifies the substances autonomously to create healthy space.
Moreover, the company won the grand prize in 2017 Korea Health Industry Award (in the fi eld of environmental diseases prevention) for the first time in the construction material industry, thereby proving its functionality. Third, it absorbs unpleasant smelling ingredients from indoor spaces to get rid of odors. Fourth, as an additional convenient function, it relieves stress and enhances immunity utilizing natural essence, and performs access blocking function instead of killing mosquitoes. In addition, it passed the A1 class test for fi re resistance, which is stricter than class 1 nonflammable materials, and the emission of radiant matters like recently highlighted Radon is hardly found (Radioactivity index based on Environment Product Declaration is 1.0, while that of IECO block is 0.043).
IECO product improved convenience in living by enhancing durability and mechanical properties through fusion with new material carbon fiber (about five-times more than existing functional materials), and suppresses secondary injury caused by fragments, as it does not produce any debris from product damage. It is a naturefriendly product that can be used in facilities for our family and children who will socially save our future, and offices, welfare facilities, hospitals, and hotels where many people spend most of their time.
INECO Inc. has received a lot of attention from overseas and concluded MOUs with nine countries (Kuwait, Japan, Vietnam, the USA, the UK, Germany, Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia). In order to prepare for its worldwide expansion, INECO Inc. is working on sampling processes for Nigeria, Singapore, China, Japan, Latvia and it is the USA, and trying to win export contracts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods