Cold-drawn Steel Tube

cst1[INQ. NO. 1303M17] Yulchon’s cold-drawn steel tube is produced to the highest standards matching the discerning customers’ specific quality requirements – tensile strength, elongation, hardness, roughness, straightness, etc. The steel tube is being widely used in various areas, including steering columns, rack and pinion steering gears, propeller shafts, gas cylinders, gas springs, hydraulic cylinders, shock absorbers, bushes, etc.

The venture’s main product include Steering Column, Shock Absorber, Shaped Tubes, Rack & Pinion Steering Gears, Propeller Shaft, Hydraulic Cylinder, and Gas Cylinder & Spring.

As a specialized manufacturer of cold-drawn steel tubes since 1986, the manufacturer has made steady efforts for technology development and product quality improvement, as a result of which the firm is currently actively exporting its items to overseas markets, especially to the USA, Australia, and some European countries. Now, some domestic global car makers including Hyundai Motor, Kia Motor, Ssangyong Motor, etc. are among its flagship customers.



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