Gas spring

[INQ. NO. 1510M39] Kapco’s gas spring can be used for all applications, including door opening and force assistance, requiring convenience and control.

Gas-spring The gas spring is usually mounted to the tail gate or hood/bonnet and makes for easy lifting/lowering of the coverlet. It is utilized for the adjustment of reaction force of application, which requires convenience and easiness of operating.

More specifically speaking, the product’s benefits include sustaining of the constant elasticity change rate, even in high force and long stroke, easy mounting and installing in any application at any position, automatic operational dampening function without any additional adjustment device and adjustable compression and extension speed.

Furthermore, reaction force can be adjustable at any time of usage (in case of charge up).

Despite its short business history, the company is becoming one of the leading companies in Korea in the field, thanks to its ceaseless efforts for upgrading its prestigious items to maximize customer satisfaction in terms of convenience and safety. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Gas spring for vehicle/for industry

YJT Corporation, began its business in 1998 as a manufacturer, specialized in piston rods, a core product for gas springs and shock absorbers. With its steady development of new technology and investment, YJT Corp was the first to develop plasma oxy-nitriding treated piston rod that meets European environmental standards. YJT’s gas spring delivers the exact tolerance, compared to the chamber system. Injector of programs setting is possible before operating. The exact amount of gas injection is possible. The individual serial number and lot number allocation is carried out through 100% sorting, before releasing the product.

YJT’s step spring is a product whose problems of inconvenience is solved that that the door is out of reach when it is opened if a common gas spring is adopted at the upside door of the upper flap storage. By substituting a high-priced lead stay, this contributes to saving cost and ensures a softer and noiseless movement compared to the lead stay. Due to the same appearance and position of attachment as the gas spring, its execution is easy.

Gas-spring-for-vehiclefor-industry YJT Corp has been supplying gas springs to major furniture companies in Korea and currently YJT Corp is an industry leading supplier for gas spring manufacturing. Also with the accumulation of know-how on dual gas injection technology, YJT has established small- quantity batch production and large-quantity single production manufacturing system. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automotive gas springs

[INQ. NO. 1410M10] Since 1998, Yo-Jung Metal has been a specialized foundation in gas springs and piston rods for using shockabsorbers. Domestically it is the only one manufacturing, polishing, and surface handling all core facilities.

As a result of various attempts toward enterprises that hold market dominating technology over its competitors, Yo-Jung Metal has succeeded in manufacturing more upgraded gas springs in terms of quality and price competitiveness.

Automotive-gas-springs The gas spring is mainly installed in automobiles’ tail gate and hood and helps door’s easy open and close. It is a very optimal device for big-sized thing’s cover and to allay the shock generated in a time when driver open and close door.

With built-in competitive functions, it allows the user to easily open, close and carry heavy doors and covers with less power. Such competitive features have resulted in such wide application as automobiles, railroads, agricultural machines, various industrial machinery, kitchen furniture and appliances, and office machines. Recently the gas spring started being used in various types of robots.

Automotive-gas-springs_1 The company has been striving to persistently secure market leadership with its top class products. As part of such moves, it has begun exploring potential foreign markets in anticipation of expanded business opportunities in cooperation with governmental agencies. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods