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countec[INQ. NO. 1310C07]COUNTEC Co., Ltd. ( is a fully automatic counting & packaging machine provider with core technology and rich experience in the field. COUNTEC, headed by CEO Lee Jong-woo, won the 58th Trader of the Month award.

Since its founding in 1983, COUNTEC has maintained its motto that responds both to its own quality system and to new developments. Today, it supplies a wide range of machines professionally focused on tablet counting and filling applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

Lee Jong-woo, with over a decade of hands-on background in the packaging machinery business, founded Dongwon Machinery back in 1986. The company name was changed to COUNTEC Co., Ltd. in 2004. Since then, COUNTEC has expanded its automatic counting machine production line and pioneered in earnest new markets at home and abroad. Through the intensive and constant efforts to advance into new markets, the company finally succeeded in expanding its markets into the Americas in 1998, Europe in 2002 and Southeast Asia & the Middle East in 2007. The export volume is expected to reach $20 million by the end of this year.

COUNTEC has also regularly taken part in international trade shows to pioneer new markets, making inroads into new markets in China and India. By succeeding in improving the made-in-Korea counting and filling technology according to the global standards, the company supplied its products to Korea’s major pharmaceutical companies such as Yuhan, Daewoong and Donga, with the substitution import effect worth 10 billion won per year.

In one of the most inspiring feats in recent years, COUNTEC has succeeded in developing a fully automated packaging line for pharmaceuticals and supplying it to Korea’s major pharmaceutical companies, proving that its outstanding technology is second to none. The company has continuously invested time and energy in research and development to produce top-quality products meeting the highest international standards meeting customer requirements in the pharmaceutical industry and food industries, ensuring superior counting accuracy and convenience. COUNTEC’s main product lineup includes bottle sorters, bottle air cleaners, counting machines and capping machines, which all meet GMP standards.

By strengthening R&D manpower, the company has been working on doubling the tablet and capsule counting capability (constant vibrator speed/vibrating amplitude, speed improvement of shutter with steeping motor) of its machine, which can be applied in the food industry.
President Lee Jong-woo

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