Hydraulic breakers

[INQ. NO. 1409M01] Dongyang Heavy Industries has developed and manufactured various types of standard and customized hydraulic breakers as well as demolition attachments including quick couplers, hydraulic compacters, crushers, grapples and rippers. Designed to ensure maximum performance with high durability, the breakers’ high capability and reliability have been proved on various construction sites for more than 23 years, fulfilling customers’ demanding requirements.

http://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Their optimal design and precise torque-based assembly greatly reduce the vibration, while safe but powerful hydraulic cylinder maximizing the impart power.

The industry’s easiest and lowest cost body re-build system makes easy disassembling and effective maintenance possible with affordable cost.

Hydraulic-breakers The breakers also employ hardox at the bracket, not only applying optimized structure and materials from the largest to the smallest part, boasting remarkable durability even in unfavorable working conditions. When it comes to demolition, operators consider high impart power and durability the most important. Dongyang’s breaker satisfies their needs with mighty power and reliability. The hydraulic-breaker is widely applicable to road construction, building innovation, tunneling, trenching, quarry works, etc.

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