Automated Eco-friendly Grating System

Automated Grating System - Daesung TechDae Sung Tech.’s eco-friendly grating system is designed to utterly hinder the occurrence of environmental pollution caused by rust. Manufactured using new materials, it features lighter weight, easy transportation and superior construction.

Other outstanding features of the product include such improved high endurance as impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance and semi-permanent lifespan.

The cover and inner gate of the automated grating system open and close according to water flow, ensuring that the inner gate closes when needed and preventing external water overflow even when water has reached the upper part of the drainage area. The grating system also automatically opens when water pressure is high and closes once water has been drained to an acceptable level, making the system easy to manage.

The automated grating system which is a pollution-free one has successfully passed the government’s requirement not to generate pollution from the corrosion of metallic components. When it is not in operation, the system is automatically closed to prevent insects and unpleasant odors from being emitted.



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