Vacuum forming machine

[Serial No. 2012-B-166]

Since establishment in 1990, Gunyang ITT has produced only for the machine of automotive interior parts over 25 years. And now it has 70% of market share as leading company in Korea. Gunyang can produce most kinds of automotive interior machine, such as, headliner forming line, carpet forming line, door panel and instrument panel production line including vacuum forming or laminating machine and tool and acoustics production line. Gunyang ITT’s vacuum forming machine is used in most of automotive interior customers to produce high quality of instrument panel, door trim, armrest, upper door trim etc in Korea as well as in the worldwide market. We have high flexibility in design range from our standard to customized specification. For example, such as PLC, Hydraulic components, Heater & Heater controller, QDC type etc, based on customer’s situation, we can provide optimized suggestion to meet customer’s target with short delivery time.

Vacuum-forming-machineThe main feature of its vacuum laminating machine include from individual heater control with automatic heater fault diagnosis to group controls, various system integration from siemens PLC to other PLC makers, optimized design to meet required cycle time, plug assist for QDC, parameter control for stable production, ergonomic design, compact design for plant space, application from up-to dated material to typical PVC with sheet or roll type of material with high quality surface, etc.

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