Ballast water treatment system

HANLA IMS’s ballast water treatment system, EcoGuardian,™ can be easily installed in new and retrofitting vessels using the side stream type. It consists of an auto filter unit, flow meter, electro chlorination unit, TRO sensor unit, main control panel, power distribution unit, neutralization unit and hydrogen gas separator.

Ballast-water-treatment-system EcoGuardian™ can save space as well as time. Furthermore, it uses low power consumption, modularized system, one way treatment, full automatic driving. The data can be easily interfaced to valve remote control and alarm monitoring system by package supply. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Tank measuring system

HANLA IMS supplies two types of cargo measuring system. The radar beam type is Puls 60 series level transmitter. Extremely short microwave impulses by antenna system to the measure product, reflected by the product surface and received again by the antenna system. Magnetic float type is a TLP-100 sensor which recognizes the float position by Hall IC elements. Such Hall IC elements eliminate the problem of contact fusing and accuracy failure caused by existing reed switches. I.G pressure and temperature sensors are available as optional. HANLA IMS supplies several types of ballast and draft measuring system. Preferred types are generally the air purge and electric pressure types. Both systems were developed by Hanla’s own reliable technical skills.

Tank-measuring-systemHANLA IMS was founded in 1989 as a manufacturer with the goal to become a leading company in the field of instrumentation for level control and monitoring. It has continuously developed a wide business range, from level gauges and level switches to vessel systems such as cargo monitoring | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods