Automotive Internal Combustion Engine Parts

[INQ. NO. 2010M01] LK Precision Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in mechanical machining of automotive parts. Founded in 1997, it achieved KRW 15.4 billion in sales in 2019.
LK Precision processes its products using the CNC lathe. LK Precision processes various materials, including steel, non-steel metal, aluminum, etc.
Major products of LK Precision are the parts needed for fuel pumps, regulators and BLDC motors, and LK Precision also manufactures some 30 other parts for internal combustion engines.
LK Precision also manufactures some 20 types of high voltage terminals for electric vehicles.

LK Precision established a smart factory in 2019, which received the SQ quality certificate from Hyundai Motor Company. The smart factory of LK Precision can manufacture all types of parts with its various CNC processing facilities.
LK Precision hoped to expand into the overseas market this year, but unfortunately all overseas expansion plans are currently put on hold because of COVID-19.
With regard to the company’s expansion plans for Japan, a potential Japanese customer of LK Precision was reviewing an estimate of LK Precision, but the process was suspended.
The product that was being negotiated with a potential Japanese customer was a precision-processed printer part. LK Precision sent its product catalog to another potential customer in the U.S. and is waiting for a feedback at the moment.

LK Precision will strive to deliver its best-quality products to its customers at the lowest price and assure that its customers will enjoy the benefit from LK Precision’s products by strictly warranting its product quality.
LK Precision will satisfy its customers using its CNC mechanical machining experience and know-how it accumulated over 23 years. LK Precision would like to inform its potential customers that it has 72 CNC lathes and various quality inspection facilities. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods