Powder metallurgy

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[INQ. NO. 1510M07] Twohyun is specialized in manufacturing various sintering parts which are made by powder metallurgy technology including machinery parts, automotive parts, home appliances and Industrial equipment related parts.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Equipped with advanced system that traces the every lot of the products from powder mixing to packaging, Twohyun does its utmost to provide the best quality products for customer through complete inspection at all the processes using the stateof- the-art inspection equipment. It promises it can certainly supply economical and safe sinter products at all times. Twohyun’s powder metallurgy technology creates the safest products for you.

Powder-metallurgy Twohyun’s powder metallurgy ensures fast and massive production of same shapes. It is easy to manufacture sophisticate and irregular shapes of products, which are hard to process mechanically, by using this technology. It is very economical technology by saving mechanical processing time as well as loss of raw materials. It is an ideal technology to the product whose raw material is compound, and changing of the product’s mechanical property is available. Excellent abrasion resistance is ensured due to lubricants and oil immersed into the products. And also this technology ensures excellent purity, precision and surface roughness.

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