Ice Makers E&B’s latest ice makers produce the most clear crescent-shaped ices with a hundred percent stainless steel evaporator which is immune to rust, stains, or corrosion ‒ unlike other brands’ nickel plated copper evaporators ‒ and automatically drains remaining water at the bottom of the water tank to keep producing clear and hygienic ices.
Also, the ice machines offer the easiest cleaning function by clicking just a button on a smart digital control panel which has multiple features and functions.
Established in 1981, DAEYEONG E&B has been a leader in the global market with advanced technology and quality in the fields of commercial refrigeration. With its know-how in manufacturing, the company has provided its customers with quality services and earned trust under its brand named ‘Lassele.’

Now, in the new global era, DAEYEONG E&B is launching the state-of-the-art engineering businesses through future-oriented and innovative technological development. Also, it will respond to its customers’ needs by producing low-energy and low-carbon products. In addition, to expand its overseas markets including America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and Japan, the company is determined to boost its overseas sales while maintaining excellent quality and price competitiveness. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods