Wiring Connector

201309M_Wiring Connector
https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryArmed with creative mindset and challenging spirit, Jowoo-Tech has built up steady growth.

It is an ambitious venture business, manufacturing unique technologies on “No-Stripping, Multiple- Electric Contacts” Cable connector called “e-Clamp.” Jowoo Tech has driven by strong technology developments and continuous business innovations.

This company will keep on following up its customers’ considerations and supports seamlessly to match their higher expectations. Steady R&D works and advanced quality control will continue to pursue the ultimate customer satisfaction.

e-Clamp, the technologies on “No-Stripping, Multiple-Electric Contacts” will enhance next- generation demands.This revolutionary wiring connector allows you to branch wires together without the need to remove wire coverings. Simply insert wires into the connector and presto!

Your wires are connected, and the finished product looks great as well. In addition to ensuring proper connectivity, these connectors further decrease the risk of any shock by protecting against loose, poor connections.

What’s more, these amazing little devices save you both time and money on the job. The customers especially in Japan, Germany, the UK and the U.S.A are most highly seeking the secompetitive items.

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