Knitted wire mesh

[INQ. NO. 1607M21] Wonjin Tech, specialized in knitt wire mesh, provides only high quality products based on the best technology. As a diff erentiated and competent company, Wonjin Tech employees are working together with true fellowship and love for customers.
By organizing thin stainless steel wire, corrosion and heat resisting alloy wire into looped fabric shape, it gets processed with press and compression molding. Wonjin Tech uses full automatic knitt ing machines that are made in Korea to process metal wire and knitt ed mesh net to be able to produce various materials in terms of width and thread counts.

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As these materials can be used at high temperatures(500 ~ 800°C), they can be used as dustproof buff er materials that manage catalyst device ceramic groups and absorb vibration of automobile engine exhausts as well as fi lter materials for bearing and purifi cation. Wire mesh is used in industries such as automobile, shipbuilding, and aircraft parts with its durability against high temperature and pressure and can be processed in proper size and form according to a customer’s requests. Wonjin Tech is planning to advance into promising overseas markets such as Japan at proper timing. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods