KEPCO Plays a Catalytic Role in Exporting Korean Power Equipment to Cambodia

KEPCO Signs MOU for an Export Demonstration Project with Local Companies in Cambodia and Domestic SMEs.

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has served as a stepping stone for advancing into the market for power equipment in Cambodia in cooperation with domestic SMEs.
Recently in Cambodia, KEPCO signed an MOU for an export demonstration project with Best Partner Co. (BPC), a Cambodian power supply company, and Icel E&C, a demonstration project agency, as a pilot project to export Korean electric equipment to Cambodia.
The Export Demonstration Project is designed to install the quality products and systems developed for KEPCO and SMEs through coordinated R&D and demonstrate their suitability for the local environment to win export contracts.
This export demonstration project is a stand-alone microgrid (MG) power supply solution that utilizes solar power and batteries simultaneously based on the energy self-sufficient island project that KEPCO has promoted for many years. Starting with the demonstration project of the Cambodia stand-alone microgrid system, it is expected that an export contract worth about US$4.6 million will be signed for installation in 100 locations in Cambodia in 2019 and beyond.
Icel E&C is scheduled to install three independent MG systems consisting of 16 kW photovoltaic system and 2600AH batteries for power supplies used in mobile phone base stations in Cambodia.
Hwang Kwang-soo, Director- General of the Export Cooperation Department at KEPCO, attended the MOU signing and explained, “We hope that this project will improve the overall performance of electric power facilities in power stations in Cambodia by using high-quality Korean equipment. I also wish Cambodia and Korea have a long-lasting partnership.”
“KEPCO’s power technology is the best in the world,” remarked Paul Sabandi, president of BPC in Cambodia, adding, “We hope that KEPCO and Cambodia will maintain continuous exchange and cooperation through this project.”
Starting with this MOU, KEPCO is expecting to sign an agreement for export demonstration projects with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), the only electric utility company in Malaysia and also the largest publiclylisted power company in Southeast Asia, and Indonesia Electric Power Corporation Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), an Indonesian government-owned corporation providing electricity distribution. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Korea’s SMBA policy

Supported by Korea’s SMBA policy, SMEs boost national economic growth

South Korea has succeeded in accomplishing US$1 trillion in trade volume in 2013 for the third consecutive year while retaining the world’s eighth-largest trade giant status in the global market.

There are a great number of South Korean enterprises behind such an amazing historical achievement. Among numerous contributors, the contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises – three million SMEs in Korea, which have played pivotal roles in the national economy, accounting for 99.9% of all enterprises, 87.7% of all employees (10.8 million employees), and 47.6% of production -deserve special mention, in spite of their comparatively low ratio of the overall economy compared to large conglomerates like Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, etc.


With their independent consistent utmost efforts for expanding their presence in the global market and favorable export conditions created mainly by FTAs signed by Korea with other countries, Korean SMEs have seen slightly expanded volume of exports to foreign markets amid the global slowdown in consumption – especially in the area of automotive parts.

South Korean SMEs have played an important role in boosting the nation’s economic performance through directly exporting their flagship export items to global markets and helping exports of finished goods of the larger-sized Korean enterprises by supplying parts products to them.

There has been remarkable government-level policy behind SMEs’ contribution to the nation’s economic progress. The Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) has been implementing policies that are aimed to help strengthen the export capacity of South Korean SMEs.

This policy is focused on boosting the gradual increase of SMEs’ export volume by supplying various kinds of specific services promoting exports of SMEs including education, design, global market information supply, marketing, market research, strategy consulting, global brand development, etc.

Under this support policy, last year, more than 1,600 Korean SMEs could enjoy direct and indirect benefits by expanding their presence in global markets through being intensively, frequently, effectively, and strategically exposed to global business partners by supported export boosting services.

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