[INQ. NO. 1407M05] Founded in 1977, KP Electric has constantly devoted itself to manufacturing highest-class electrical products, consistently widening its production scope to include electronic ballast and lamp, pole transformer, self-diagnosis type transformer, pad-mounted transformer, small transformer for domestic uses, distribution transformer, power transformer, dry type transformer, cast resin transformer, and various kinds of transformers.

1407M05_1 Among the small- and medium-sized South Korean firms, KP Electric is currently the only enterprise manufacturing different kinds of high-efficient transformer, cast resin transformer and oil-immersed transformer.
The company has a comparatively long business history is further advancing its bid to broaden its global presence toward becoming a globally leading enterprise in the field in terms of global market share, technical superiority, etc.

For meeting the demands of overseas customers, the company’s three flagship products, such as oil immersed transformer (up to 72kV, 30MVA), cast resin dry transformer (up to 24kV, 15MVA), and amorphous transformer (energy saving), are fitted with globally competitive features in terms of affordable prices, exceptional capability, design, etc. Atomic | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods