Polishing and Lapping – IBCHE

Lapping operation involves two surfaces that are rubbing each other with an abrasive. Typically, its main purpose is either grinding, for example, a glass against iron, or cutting hard materials to obtain accurate surfaces or surface roughness. With only human hands, one cannot expect any good result. Lapping machines need to weigh in. And Korea’s lapping and polishing machines maker, IBCHE, is waiting for your invitation.

The company began its polishing and lapping business in 1992. With a close cooperation with a global manufacturer “Engis”, IBCHE has been able to provide its services and quality machines, and it is specialized in offering customized solutions to meet each customer’s specific demand.


Double-side Lapping Polishing machine

IBCHE’s “IDM-9BLD” is designed for the automatic bulk production of early lapping. Its upper place and lower place rotate in two opposite directions for lapping operation. Then its Sun gear in the mid and a circumferential internal gear begin working and Carrier between the upper and lower plate is turning around. Target materials receive forces from all four directions, which, as a result, improves work efficiency. Also, maintenance costs less as its operation requires less abrasion.


LCD Lapping & Polishing Machine with its single side machine


LCD Lapping & Polishing Machine with its single side machine function is for LCD silicone wafers, ceramics, crystals, ferrites, sapphires, etc. Water cooling units can be useful for cooling down high temperatures that affect plates. By dropping the temperature of whole plates, they can maintain a high level of precision process. IBCHE also offers standard composite plates and FBB-C plates that enable gaining surface roughness in a short time. For more product information, you can visit ibche.co.kr/eng_file/menu01_1.htm


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