Liquid ring vacuum pump & heat exchanger

[INQ. NO. 1410M04] NS Korea has plentiful experience in manufacturing of liquid ring vacuum pumps, heat exchangers, vacuum pump packages and pressure vessels for global clients with the goal of becoming a leading company in the business of Heat Exchanger & Pressure Vessels.



Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump: The NSKV two stage vacuum pumps provide reliable high-vacuum performance in the power industry. It features integral two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps with improved performance at vacuum levels down to 0.8ā€h HgA (27mbar). It is designed to handle large amounts of liquid carryover without difficulty.

Heat Exchanger: NS Korea produces all kinds of heat exchangers used for efficient facilities for heat recovery in petrochemicals, power generation, etc. and the company also is engaged in developing and producing custom-made next-generation heat exchangers, including coolers, condensers, reboilers, evaporators and preheaters through connection with HTRI program. NS Korea is involved in designing and producing heat exchangers for ocean water and special materials.

Pressure Vessel: All the pressure vessels of NS Korea are designed according to the ASME Code for Pressure Vessels. Section VIII Division.1 and products include storage tanks, holders, reactors, columns or towers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods