Stick Boom Crane[INQ. NO. 1708M03] Established in 1979, Kanglim, based on hydraulic equipment manufacturing technologies, has been specializing in manufacturing various kinds of top-quality cranes and special vehicles. Kanglim delivers them to both domestic and overseas markets and contributes to the elevation of the development of local hydraulic technologies.
Among Kanglim’s several major cranes, the Stick-Boom Crane is designed to perform safe loading and unloading of heavy-weight cargo in high and wide working ranges. Also, it provides powerful hoisting capacity, maximized working height and high working speed based on remarkable durability, convenient operation and safety design. It is used for construction work. Now the maker has about 26 kinds of stick boom cranes.
Based on accumulated experience and know-how, Kanglim strives always to respond to customers with best-quality products. Furthermore, Kanglim is heavily investing its R&D efforts into developing advanced products related to future key areas of the environment, logistics, safety, construction machinery. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods