Non-power Automatic On/Off Lifting Magnet (DPL-AU/AUT/TAU Type)

[INQ. NO. 2210M13] DPL-AU Type — one of the main products made by Daesung Magnet Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the manufacturing of magnets — is suitable for sticking and moving iron plates and molded metal products. Just as one magnet alone could be used, it is also possible to mount several DPL-AU Type products on the beam to move large-sized objects.

The automatic On/Offlifting magnet is a device that can be attached to a crane or a forklift with no electricity to attract and move iron plates. It is designed to be automatically switched on and offby just getting it up and down without the operator handling the magnetic on/offlever.

With a feature that it does not require electric or battery-based power supply devices, the magnet product is attached to a crane or a forklift to stick to and lift up and down an iron plate, and is automatically turned offwhen lowered to the desired spot. A user can carry out a relevant job safely as the operation can be performed remotely from a distance without an on/offmalfunction.

Several DPL-AUT products can be attached to the beam if the plate is expected to be bent, so it can be used for any-sized iron plates.

The product has been registered for domestic and international patents, and is currently being used by domestic shipbuilders and steel mills including Hyundai Heavy Industries, DSME, Samsung Heavy Industries and POSCO.

Daesung Magnet, as a manufacturer of lifting magnets, magnetic separators, magnetic chucks and other magnetic apparatuses, is providing its products to steel industries and shipbuilders at home and abroad, gaining a good reputation for its outstanding quality.

“Not being satisfied with our current success, we’d like to continue to work hard to provide better products for our customers by improving quality through stricter quality-management and continuous R&D,” stressed the CEO. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electromagnet – KRTECH

People put magnets into good use. One good example is an electromagnet that widely serves as components to many electrical devices we can easily find around: hard disks, loud speakers, motors, etc. Specifically, an electromagnet is a magnet that produces its magnet field by delivering electric current. And KRTECH in Korea is smart enough to take it to another level for the better.

Established in 1995, for decades, KRTECH has been leading the electromagnet industry by effectively covering relevant business fields such as precision electromagnets, charged particle beam line systems, medical therapy devices, particle accelerator magnets for research, etc. Its exports have been highlighted with quadrupole magnets and sextupole magnets offered to one of the world’s largest electronic makers, TOSHIBA.


KRTECHKRTECH’s particle accelerator magnet has four component types: quadrupole magnets, sextupole magnets, sextupole magnets for PA, and klystron magnets. They all can deliver 2D and 3D magnetic field calculations, mechanical designs, magnets’ full mechanical, electro-mechanical and magnetic verification. So far, in Japan, the company has installed the magnet products at synchrotron facility at Kanagawa and is scheduled to do at Chubu. For medical use, KRTECH provides cyclotron magnet that can produce temporary radioactive isotopes for radiology and nuclear medicine. 13Mev Magnet, 30Mev Magnet, and superconducting cyclotron magnet are available.

KSTAR(ITER) magnets are comprised of bending magnets, high current coils (dummy load), TOKAMAK for KAERI, and TOKAMAK for SNU. Regarding superconducting magnets, KRTECH has superconducting coils that offers maximum stability and eliminates flux jumping. For the ion implant market, KRTECH noses into this new natural source of energy with its state-of-the art mechanical parts such as bean line magnets, vacuum chambers, and many others. You can find more at


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