Industrial Bearings

[INQ. NO. 1412M02] DYM is currently engaged in producing and delivering a widerange of highest-quality industrial bearings including bearings for marine engine applications.

Maintaining its market dominance in the nation, the company is gradually raising its global market share.

DYM’s white metal bearings and plain bearings, made technically from carbon steel, cast steel and cast iron lined with white metal, are widely used to power plants, marine engines, etc. earning high-marks among industrial operators both at home and in foreign markets.

Industrial-Bearings The plain bearing is designed as the simplest type, so it permits uncomplicated motion when in operation. The design of a plain bearing depends on the type of motion the bearing must provide.

DYM’s white metal also called “Babbitt metal” is designed to provide the surface in a plain bearing. Major overseas markets include the USA, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Russia, Italy, Taiwan, China, Japan, and India. Utilizing the strong industrial background in Busan, DYM further seeks ways to intensify its market competitiveness through strengthened efforts for R&D and related services. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Turbine casting and diaphragms

[INQ. NO. 1412M01] For the past 61 years, Daechang Metal has specialized in the production of cast steel parts for marine engines. As a result, the company currently commands nearly 60% of the global market for main bearing supports, indispensable parts for marine engines.

Turbine-casting-and-diaphragms Other marine engine parts available from the maker include center pieces, chain wheels and piston crowns. The maker’s products have gained high marks from worldwide marine engine builders, shipowners and class societies. In particular, turbine castings and diaphragms are made of high-end heat-resistant cast steel. So, as a part of the power-generating system, they can effectively withhold high-temperature steam with high pressure.

At the same time, the manufacturer offers various other cast steel parts made of carbon steel and low alloy steel. Its state-ofthe-art automatic production facilities include floor-type boring machines, radial drilling machines, vertical turning & boring machines, gear hobbing machines, and shot blast & sanding machines. To improve the quality of its products, it recently set up a cutting-edge casting facility that utilizes ceramic artificial molding sand. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods