Marine engines

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[INQ. NO. 1412M30] Founded in 1998, Hyundai En-Tech produces 70PS~550PS marine engines and 24KW~350KW marine generators. Hyundai En-Tech is a leading manufacturer in Korea of marine diesel engine based on Hyundai engine originated from the combined technology of Hyundai Motors.

Marine-engines The Hyundai marine engines have been introduced to the world market since more than a decade ago. Their reliability and performance have been also widely recognized among global industrial circles, becoming very popular due to their strong power and low-cost maintenance. Consequently, Hyundai marine engines are playing key roles in the global maritime industry, particularly in the Mediterranean countries and South American countries and Southeast Asia.

The Hyundai marine engines are characterized by the so-called “4H” of High Technology, High Performance, High Quality, and High Reliability and “4L” of Low Fuel Consumption, Low Cost Maintenance, Low Noise, and Long Durability. Hyundai En-Tech offers customer companies a complete package of Hyundai marine propulsion systems including engine, reversible/reduction gearbox, propulsion shafting/propeller, accessories and spare parts at reasonable prices. In addition, Hyundai En-Tech provides customers with marine auxiliary engines and generating set. Hyundai En Tech serves the finest after-sales with well-organized technical staffs and networks guaranteeing the quality of all the products in warranty conditions. The current products ready to be sold include marine propulsion engines (70HP~550HP), marine diesel generator set (30KW~400KW), marine gearbox, and marine accessories. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods