Laser, Photo Etching, Electro Forming and CNC/MCT[INQ. NO. 1811M02] Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd., after established as Youngjin Special Precision in 1978, started metal etching as the flagship business followed by such main item as metal mask, photo etching, electroforming, jig, etc.
Youngjin Astech is the only company in Korea that produces and supplies various electronic components ranging from the design to manufacturing of related technology. Youngjin Astech succeeded in development and localization of the metal mask for the first time in Korea in 1987, supplied it to Samsung Electronics to be sold in domestic and international market.
In addition, on the strength of steady research and development and bold investment, it produces and supplies various key electronic components with major business such as the metal mask (laser, photo etching, electro forming, etc.), photo etching components, electro foaming components, jigs (SMT), etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods