Fittings and Valves for Measuring Equipment[INQ. NO. 1812M01] DK-Lok’s products include fittings and valves for measuring equipment. At present, fittings take 60% of DK-Lok’s turnover and the remaining 40% is taken by various valves used in industrial settings.
As a result of continuous R&D and facility investment to achieve the perfect quality of demanding fittings and valves, DK Lok has acquired more than 50 certificates from the United States, the UK, Germany, Japan, etc. as well as in Korea.
In addition, DK Lok’s technological prowess is proven by the acquisition of the N, NPT, and NS STAMP, which are certificates issued by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for manufacturing and producing the core materials and equipments for nuclear power generation for the second time in the world, and the first time in Korea.
Based on technological prowess and quality, DK Lok supplies its products to more than 300 domestic customers in all industrial fields, such as power generation, petrochemical plants, shipbuilding, offshore plants, railway vehicles, CNG / NGV and semiconductors and also supplies its products all over the world through 94 agents in 46 countries including the United States and Germany.


Highly Competitive Fittings and Valves

In all industrial facilities, there is a flow of fluids or gases for driving machines or moving objects, and fittings and valves are the essential parts used for the flow of gases or fluids. Fittings are used to change the direction in the form of ‘ㄱ’ or ‘ㄴ’ when transporting oil, water, etc. through pipes. Therefore, fittings are widely used in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, shipbuildings, power plants, etc.
In addition, as it is a device connecting the pipes horizontally and vertically, the fittings should have little restriction on fluid type, temperature, and pressure. The valve is a device that controls the flow of fluid, and opens/closes the fluid, and it has the functions of blocking and changing the directions of the fluid, preventing reverse flow, and protecting high pressure.
DK Lok has proven the product compatibility by completing the F-1387 Intermix Test with the products of Swagelok Company, a world-class US company, and now implementing the strategy of aggressive marketing and expanding the market share through its global network including the Americas and Europe, but not limited to.


Attracting the World Market with Supersized Valves

In addition to the basic 1 to 2-inches small valves, DK Lok has secured the development and production technology of high-pressure / medium and large valves for the expansion of the market. By focusing on the high value-added product development, DK Lok has obtained the Class Certifications for API6D, API6DSS, API6A, and 56-inch large sized items. By completing the development of special fields such as the cryogenic valve, metal seat, etc., DK Lok has won the contract for ENI Indonesia BEM Project (KRW2.3 billion contract of ball valve for gas pipe). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods