Sintered Parts, Powder-forged Parts

Sintered Parts, Powder-forged Parts in 1979, Sinteron has been regarded as one of most competitive local manufacturers producing sintered parts and Powder Metallurgy (PM)parts.

Sinteron’s efficient production system has made it possible to manufacture the higher quality products such as valve guides, valve seats, sprocket, connecting rod, oil pump rotor & gear, flange blank, and hub synchronizer with competitive prices.

Such products are mostly made using the net shape metal forming process. Rapid and low-cost mass-production realizes customer satisfaction in a shorter time than most of the company’s competitors around the world. Thanks to its exceptional production system, such competitive features as high-dimensional accuracy, repeatability and reliability are ensured. With nearly 100% of raw material utilization, material saving is available in the process. During the manufacturing process, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are applied emitting no pollutants. Moreover, energy-saving is possible due to low overall energy equivalent. In the manufacturing process, isotropic and controlled material structure and mechanical properties are preserved.

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